Victory Sports offers Competitive Cheerleading (both All-Star & Exhibition), Recreational Classes, Parkour Classes, Birthday Parties, and MORE!!! Call 281-240-2437 for more information.


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icon01/18/2018 - You're Invited!

Show-Off! Jan. 28th 2:45-3:45

 Our hardworking competitive Victory Viper cheerleaders will perform their competition cheer routines. We will also have contests for the crowd as well as prizes. We want our Victory Sports families to come watch! Invite friends, teachers, neighbors, etc! AND it's FREE!


Birthday Parties / Girl Scout-Boy Scout Parties / Field Trip Outings:

We are starting to offer birthday parties/events again at the gym. We can do Pre-K parties, parties for boys with games & parkour, Obstacle Courses or even cheerleading birthday parties! It’s easy for you - we entertain them & no mess for you!  We are extending a $50 party credit to our Viper Cheer Team members if they book a party at Victory Sports. Talk to Jody if you are interested! Email front 

Classes & Private Lessons:

Don’t forget that we offer recreational classes as well. We offer gymnastics, cheer & tumbling, PreK classes and one of our newest classes that kids are LOVING is Parkour! Privates are available as well.


We are officially offering birthday parties again! It’s about to be really hot here in Houston and a Victory Sports party is the perfect solution to avoiding heat or rain AND no mess for YOU! They fill up fast! Call us or email to get details. 281.240.2437 front


We will continue to offer our classes in the summer. It’s a great time to try out something new! Parkour classes, Hip Hop, Cheer, Gymnastics or even a private lesson! In addition our Pre-K classes are filling up!


We offer low cost/low commitment teams and we are presently taking sign ups for the 2017-2018 season. Competitive cheer doesn’t have to be expensive - we offer options so all kids who want to cheer have the opportunity! Email Coach Vicki regarding cheer 


Open Gym is offered the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month from 7-8:30. It’s $10 / person and we offer structured free time with coaches to monitor. Non members are welcome with a waiver!

Victory Sports 


Due to the August fire at our Sugar Land Victory Sports location, Victory's new home is now located INSIDE Extreme Sports!  The location is 4501 Avenue H.  Rosenberg, TX  77471.  Our phone number has stayed the same:  281-240-2437.  Give us a call for all your tumbling or cheerleading needs!

icon08/23/2016 - Victory Vipers Donation Information

Trying to get the word out on some of the great fundraisers for Vipers that are scheduled.


THURS 8/25 & SUN 8/28 11am-11pm 


8019 W Grand Pkwy S, Unit 1035, Richmond, TX  77407, United States

Our promo word is "Victory"

Victory Sports will receive 15% of all sales those days as long as the customer says the promo word 




Purchase by August 28th at





We are having a Carwash this Saturday 8/27

Time: 9am - 2pm


Place: 11511 HWY 6 Sugar Land near West Airport


Please come let us wash your car. Any donations are appreciated. We are hoping to raise $2016. Our kids are counting on us!!!


We need volunteers to be there 8-3. If you can only commit to a half day that is fine too. 8-11:30 and 11:30 to 3 is great!



Contribute to the GoFundMe account set up to help the owner Rob Dill in covering the extraordinary extra cost in getting the program back on its feet so these kids have a place to compete. 




The attached flyer is required for Vipers to receive 10% of your bill.  This is only valid on food, alcohol does not apply for our fundraiser. click here to view the flyer.


Hope to see you there!!

icon08/18/2016 - Victory Vipers Facility Destroyed by Fire


Sorry for the delayed email...we have been overwhelmed with things that needed to be done. Most of you know that the gym went up in flames on Thursday afternoon, Aug 18 around 1:50 pm. None of us had ever seen a fire of that magnitude. There were nearly 20 fire trucks from all over the Houston area there to assist. Helicopters, news crews and emergency workers were everywhere. We are so insanely fortunate and grateful that no one was hurt. We still don't know the official has not been declared. 
Our hearts are broken. The gym wasn't just a building. It was a place that brought out the best in all of us. We can picture the thousands of faces who were a part of our family, the joyful moments of learning new skills, the many moments of success and laughter, the hard work, and all the lifetime memories that were made inside those four walls! It feels like yesterday when we had our grand opening and everything was shiny and new! Some of our kids are teenagers now but we remember when their moms sat in the lobby, while pregnant with them, watching the older sibling at practice. Fortunately we will always carry those memories in our hearts and in our minds. The hard earned trophies, banners, jackets, many symbols of hard work and dedication are gone but not forgotten.
We spent some time inside the building yesterday and surprisingly the lobby is intact, we saved all the pictures on the walls, the front office survived, as well as the pro shop! The fitness center equipment is damaged but not charred like the rest of the building. Everything inside the gym area is gutted. There's some metal standing but the inside was nearly impossible to save. From what we've heard from firefighters, cheer gyms go up quickly because of all the foam and the smoke from the foam is toxic. It looks like something from an apocalyptic science fiction movie. Eventually we will post pics. Please don't try to go inside at this is extremely dangerous with broken glass and standing water and things still falling. In addition the ash is horrendous to inhale.
We sincerely appreciate your prayers, your concern, your messages and your offers to assist. If we don't reply immediately it's just because we are being bombarded right now with things that we need to get done ASAP! We love you and are so thankful!
We are exploring our options on where to hold cheer & dance teams, as well as classes, in the interim, as we figure out the rebuilding process. We are having lots of meetings and doing our best to have choices. Fortunately we have many back up plans it's just deciding which one will best suit the needs of our students. 
How ironic that we weren't having team practices this week us some time to regroup. Our goal is to be able to get practices and classes up and running during the week of Monday, August as usual. Schedules may have to be adjusted but we will work thru that as each situation arises. Stay tuned for info!
We aren't victims...we are fighters and we will push thru this and come out stronger on the other side. 
We do have insurance and we are sorting thru that nightmare but anyone who's ever dealt with insurance knows that it's not usually a winning battle. So we are raising money with the GoFundme as well as upcoming Viper nights at local restaurants to be proactive. We know there will be a multitude of unexpected expenses. Rebuilding is expensive, equipment is expensive, we have coaches who are counting on income. Thank you to everyone who's shared AND donated!  We are forever grateful. If you have ANY fundraising ideas we are open to your suggestions! 
We have never been thru anything like this so we are learning as we go and seeking out expert help.  Thank you for your patience as we sort thru every obstacle. More importantly...thank you for your faith in us that we CAN literally rise from these ashes. You have our word that we will do all we can to restore this haven that so many kids call their second home.
This is no time to get lazy! You better be stretching, jumping, conditioning, practicing your choreography, eating right and working hard at your studies during the first week of school. No excuses!!!  The show WILL go on!!! Please know that your coaches love you...we know you're sad...we are too but it's going to work out!!!  
Thank you for your support and please know that you guys are just as much of a priority to us as our teams! We love your kids and we know they look forward to their weekly class! We want to keep their young lives feeling happy & normal and we WILL make this transition as smooth as possible!
We started from nothing 20 years ago...a few mats, a van and a WHOLE LOT OF HEART. At the end of the day that's what we need the most. We knew that because this is such a big anniversary year that we would make history...didn't know it would be this historical. Thank you for going on this journey with us and we know now, more than ever, what this Viper Family means to us and the thousands of families who've walked thru those burnt broken down doors. We love you...VIPER STRONG
Rob Dill
Vicki Dill 
Victory Sports Staff