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Please see times below for our Recreation Program Schedule.  Clicking on each title will give you an overview of each day's schedule.

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Does your child need more one-on-one instruction? Look no further!  Victory Sports offers individual and small group private lessons taught by our amazing coaching staff!  Please see the front office for more information or call 281-240-2437.

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Please see link to view the class schedule for any Recreational Classes.  For further information, please contact the Front Office or click HERE.


RECREATIONAL CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (Listed in order from Beginner to Advanced):


  • 2-3 yr Gymnastics:  This class is a 45 minute class and is for little independent gymnasts that are ready to learn gymnastics all by themselves.  In this class, they will keep their listening skills strong and have a good time learning gymnastics with the help of one of our great coaches here at Victory Sports.
  • 3-4 yr Gymnastics:  Basic gymnastics class for the preschoolers that are doing well on baic gymnastics, but need a little help from their coach rotating from station to station and waiting their turn.  They will work on mastering basic skills and share our top of the line equipment with their gymnastics buddies.
  • 4-5 yr Gymnastics:  The class needed for our advanced preschoolers to get ready to use all of the larger equipment that is more challenging and raised higher from the ground.  They have a fun-filled time keeping their basic gymnastics skills clean and preparing them for the leveled classes.
  • Girls Gymnastics Level 1:  This is a beginner class for girls with little or nor experience in gymnastics.  In this class, our new gymnasts will learn a group of basic skills on each apperatis:  uneven bars, vault, balance beam, and floor, as well as build coordination and strength while keeping them active and safe.
  • Girls Gymnastics Level 2:  If your gymnast has mastered the basic skills from Level 1 Gymnastics, this class is for them.  In this class, they will continue learning and mastering past skill and begin combining them into basic routines.
  • Girls Gymnastics Level 3:  This is an advanced class for our gymnasts who are ready to learn full routines and have the strength and flexibility to learn higher level competitive skills.  This class can be difficult and not for the beginner gymnast. The lesson plans for this class include all Level 3 skills and some from Level 4 & 5 to keep your gymnast challenged.  
  • Boys Gymastics Level 1:  A class just for the boys with all the basics of gymnastics.  This class is for young boys 5 yrs of age and older with little to no experience.  The class will take place on the larger equipment and focus on coordination, strength, and comprehension as your child learns the basics.
  • Boys Gymnastics Level 2:  This class is for boys who have mastered all the skills in Boys Level 1 and would like to continue on with new skills and challenges.
  • Boys Gymnastics Level 3:  The Boys Level 3 class is a special class that includes all the basic skills learned along with competiive Level Skills.  This class is for advanced boys that have mastered Levels1 & 2.  
  • PARKOUR / AGILITY CLASS:  Perfect for developing agility in ANY sport.  This class keeps active kids interested and challenged.  It develops confidence and quick reflexes.  Taught in a safe environment with proper instruction on technique.

TUMBLING:  Tumbling is for the child that wants to strengthen and coordinate their body to perform flips in a correct and safe way.  These skills are taught on over 6,000 square feet  of spring floor, a 40 foot tumble track, and a 600 square foot foam pit.  Tumbling can be applied to dance, cheerleading, karate, or just for some FUN physical fitness.  These classes are a great wy to increase self confidence, body awareness, and coordination!  All tumbling classes include:  a warm up, review, training for new skills, conditioning, strengthening, and flexibility.

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (Listed in order from beginner to advanced):

  • Pre-K Tumbling:  A class for our students that just want to flip around on the floor.  They will use our 40 ft trampoline, mats, and our padded flooring to learn basic flips and skills to prepare them for cheerleading or higher level tumbling classes.
  • Level 1 Tumbling:  This tumbling class is for all our new gymnast and tumblers  5 yrs and older with little to no experience.  In this class, they will learn handstands, rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and all basics that are needed for cheer and gymnastics floor exercises.
  • Level 2 Tumbling:  This tumbling class is for our students that can do a great round-off, perfect walkovers, and are ready to learn back handsprings.  All Level 1 skills must be mastered for your child's safety and the development of their new skills to come.
  • Level 3 Tumbling:  This class is for our tumblers that have great back handsprings and are ready for back tucks and specialty skills.  With the foundation or Level 2 tumbling, this class should be a great challenge for students ready to take their tumbling to the next level.